Beware the Seagulls of St. Ives

Wynette.  St. Ives.  We bought Cornish pasties for lunch (mine was lamb with mint) at tiny bakery recommended in Rick Steve’s guide book.  We then found a park bench overlooking the harbor to sit on while we ate them.  I laid mine down on the bench (on its wrapper) to free my hand to dig out my hat (it was a little cold sitting there). Practically the second I laid it down a seagull swooped down and tried to grab the pasty and demolished one end of it.  It happened so fast and was scary having the big gull so near and so agressive and so sudden.  A lady passing by advised me not to eat even the end he didn’t touch.  So, I threw the whole thing out.  Only got one bite (all delicous flaky crust) before it happened, so I still don’t know what lamb with mint pasties taste like.  Charlie gave me half of his chicken and bacon pasty and we decided that would be enough lunch for the two of us.  We’d seen signs earlier warning about the seagulls but I forgot about that when I laid down the pasty. I’ve never seen seagulls be so agressive.  I guess they’ve taught each other tricks around here.


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