St. Ives

We got to St. Ives today and I like it a lot already. The guide books say it is “artistic”. It has lots of galleries and it has the Tate St. Ives branch, so maybe so. Kind of like a Cornish Santa Fe. Some books complained it was too commercial and affected. It seems nice enough although certainly more upscale than Falmouth seemed. Falmouth seemed a little shabby the first time we saw it but we came to view it as homey.

The town is built on a peninsula and the end has a smaller little bulge they call “The Island” which is a park basically. Very nice views and steep cliffs around it. Crashing waves on rocks and the blue water that makes. It could be Monterrey CA if you ask me, it looks so similar. I walked a bit down the Southwest Coastal Trail and it was all quite beautiful.

The SW Coastal Trail is great. In he her direction it follows a local train so you can walk down and take the train back, although the pamphlet you to take the train out and walk back. Seemed backwards to me unless you have a precise knowledge of your hiking limits. Whatever, it is pretty cool. A nice trail and every mile or two there is a pub so you can have a nice local ale or a bit to eat or maybe a nice Cronish cream tea with the jam on first.

The harbor is quite pretty, when we came the boats were all aground, sitting in the wet sand. Low tide we assumed but there were about 20 boats. I looked at it later and a few had floated again. I suppose they all are now.

Wynette maybe talked about the seagull incident. The town has seagulls, pigeons and crows. I wonder who would win in a fight between them?


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