Charlie: They say, bah-th, but somehow it seems funny to say it that way and we find it hard to do. Strangely, Len, a British judge on Dancing with the Stars always say samba, as SAM-ba, like the name Sam, and the Brits say pasta with the same kind of ‘a’ so why Bah-th?

Whatever, the city is very nice. We got a great deal on our B&B it is called “Abbey Green Guest House” and is very nice. Old architecture but modernized very tastefully. We have a huge room, a very large main room and then another small room, and then a bathroom almost as big as our whole room in the St. Ives B&B.

Speaking of that, the B&B we stayed at in St. Ives was named “Rivendell”. No big conference about what to do with the ring though, just a nice visit. The room was quite small but overall we liked the B&B a lot once we had everything put away. (Wynette: it helped to pretend we were in a tiny stateroom on a ship cruise.)

Apparently England still has an extensive canal system, once used to haul freight but now used for houseboats. One canal runs through Bath. Today I walked along it for quite some time. It is very peaceful and pretty. You pass by people’s back yards and lovely meadows. Almost all of the boats are old, wood freight boats converted into houseboats. They call them “narrow boats” and they are narrow, maybe six feet wide, and long, some maybe 50-60 feet long, and low, like five feet high. If you saw the movie “Chocolat” they look very much like the boats that Johnny Depp’s gypsy family used. I guess France has a similar system of canals.

There are hills around Bath so the canal has many small locks. They seem to be self-service. I saw a boat go through one today. They open some pipes and the lock fills in about five minutes. Then they open some large wood doors, by hand, using a long lever. They go in and then let the water out, and move on. Anyway, it seemed like the people in the boat just did it themselves. There is no power required since the flow of the stream does the work.


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  1. Berniece Says:

    When we were on our 1987 London trip we stayed in ‘Julie McCartney’s B&B, # 6 Weaver’s Way (Camden Town). (It wasn’t located in the very ‘best’ part of London but the accommodations were very nice) Ms. McCartney (wasn’t one of the Beatles named McCartney? Paul McCartney- hummmm, I hadn’t thought of that before!) stayed on her ‘house boat’ but would return each morning to cook us the ‘full English breakfast’: sausage links, bacon and, I believe ham, with eggs, Museli (sp?), etc. She was always surprised when I chose the Musceli rather than the other food!

    On Saturday morning August 1, Paul & I went the Camden Locks and watched a house boat go through. I noted that it took 1 1/2 to 2 hours to transit it. We also went to the Camden Locks Flea Market.

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