Sad events

Charlie: Not to us, but where we have stayed.

We had had great weather the whole trip until we got to St. Ives. The first night in St. Ives there was a big rainstorm with high winds. Along the coast, about 10 miles from St. Ives, a car was washed off the road during the storm and three people died. We heard about it the next day.

We went into town and several of the shops on a low street had been flooded. (Wynette: shops we’d been in the day before.)  People kept saying they had just spent millions on a flood protection system and it failed the first time it was tested.

This morning, in Bath, we turned in a car at the rental place two miles from town and walked back along the canal tow path. We came to a boat with police in it using poles to look for something in the river. There were four more police and three firemen on the shore and a gaggle of on-lookers. Apparently someone had jumped off the bridge and they were looking for the body. That’s the first time I have come upon something like that in real life. We watched a while and then moved on. It was like the high-speed chases they cover with helicopters in LA, its kind of gruesome; some it is hard to stop watching.

Later:  Read in news they found the body after bringing in divers.


One Response to “Sad events”

  1. Berniece Says:

    Yes, all three accounts are sad to hear of or watch.

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