Flood in St. Ives

Wynette: As Charlie mentioned in previous post, there was a flood in St. Ives when we were there.  We found a video of the St. Ives main street during the flood cleanup, taken the morning after the flood. (The video starts out slowly but about 1/3 way through it picks up a bit when they start walking down the street and showing what was happening in front of the shops that were flooded. Check out the pastie shop.)

Here is our picture of the street, taken on the same day:

We walked up and down this street the day before and the day after the flood and saw the cleanup depicted in the video. We half expected to see ourselves in the video.  It was sad to see so many small local businesses with ruined merchandise, closed shop, etc. especially in these economic hard times.  Here’s another video if you’d like to see more of the St. Ives flood cleanup.

It was a bit strange: we had such fantastic weather nearly the whole trip and the one rainy patch turned out to be quite extreme.  Charlie and I got soaked walking from our restaurant to B&B the night it all happened but had no idea the storm was going to wreak such havoc.


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